decadent, natural cakes.

aka. have your cake and eat it.

All our cakes are hand-made by us (see our guide below). We swap your usual ingredients for nourishing foods such as seeds, nuts and 100% natural unprocessed foods such as organic unroasted cacao, fresh fruits and lucuma. 

All our cakes have NO gluten containing ingredients; are free from dairy, egg, soya, refined sugar and suitable for vegans.

so, what makes our cakes so special? 

  • each cake, bite or bar is lovingly made by hand (we even make our own flours from seeds and nuts)
  • unbaked - with most ingredients unaffected by heating processes (leaves the natural goodness intact).
  • dairy free, soya free and vegan (we make creams from nuts as the bases for cheezecakes and frostings)
  • no gluten or wheat containing ingredients (any oats used will be certified gluten free).
  • natural sweeteners such as lucuma, maple, dates, coconut blossom nectar.
  • only natural ingredients are used such as nuts, nut milks, seeds, raw cacao products, fruits, and coconut products. 


Although our concept is RAW, not all products that go into our cakes are 100% unaffected by heating elements
(e.g. some dried fruit and nuts).

the cakes.


boxes of bites... 

Choose from (but not limited to):
snickerz // sesame + pistachio halva // hot ginger slice // peanut butter + oat // squidgy brownies // salted caramel

box 6 (3 choices) £13
box 12 (4 choices) £22


Whole cakes.

Choose from (but not limited to):
rawsome carrot // layered berry cheezecake // black forest with cherry chia jam // key lime pie // hazelnut + chocolate // peanut butter + salted caramel // raspberry + white chocolate // jaffa orange tart // bespoke flavours

large 9" cakes from £42
pies/tarts from £28

double layer/bespoke on request.